“Night HSR” Trains Enter Operation

HSR Sleepers

“Night HSR” or HSR sleeper trains will enter operation beginning today, 01 January 2015. These include services on the following routes:

  • Beijing West (Beijingxi) – Guangzhou South (Guangzhounan) / Shenzhen North (Shenzhenbei)
  • Shanghai Hongqiao – Guangzhou South (Guangzhounan) / Shenzhen North (Shenzhenbei)

Most trains will leave one city around 20:00, although some will leave 30–40 before. All trains will arrive at their final destinations between 07:00 and 07:30 the next day.

Services will run daily but there will be one day when these services will stop (maintenance must be completed then). These are Wednesdays for Shanghai–Guangzhou and Shanghai–Shenzhen trains, and Thursdays for Beijing–Guangzhou and Beijing–Shenzhen trains.

Both regular Second Class seats and Soft Sleeper beds will be offered. On selected trains, a two-bunk Deluxe / Luxury Sleeper is also available.

These trains will enter operation today and remain in service through to 15 March 2015.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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