Tracking China to Include Chinese Pinyin for Stations Beginning Today

Tracking China will now be including the full, Chinese Hanyu Pinyin name for stations on an increasing number of reports as of today, 29 December 2014, and on a full basis for reports on and after 08 June 2015. This has been used on a trial basis before. This move comes as some stations, direction labels, and tickets use Pinyin instead of English, and we wanted to let passengers get from A to B with the least bit of being confused.

Beginning 01 July 2015 for pages newly created or updated after this date, the exact Pinyin tone itself will also be used in main blog articles and on lists, maps, and tables, where the Pinyin as a form of station name is used. However, the titles of station names will continue to show no Pinyin.

Here is an example of what is meant:
For the Beijing South Railway Station:-

  • Beijing South in English
  • Beijingnan in Pinyin (no tone marks)
  • Běijīngnán in Pinyin with tone marks
  • 北京南 in Chinese characters (simplified)

Happy travels by rail!

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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