Nanjing-Hangzhou HSR: Don’t Get Your Station Names Wrong, Changxing and Deqing!

HSR services will soon be commencing for several new cities and counties in Eastern China, including Changxing and Deqing in the province of Zhejiang. However, the arrival of the new fast trains also means that there’ll be changes to station names.

The “old” station in Changxing has been renamed as Changxing South (长兴南站) — the new Changxing Railway Station (长兴站) is reserved for HSR trains only. Here’s a map of the old station…

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The same goes for Deqing, although for this station, the old station will be known as Deqing West (德清西站). Once again, the HSR station is known as the “main” station (Deqing Railway Station, 德清站). Here’s where the old station is located geographically…

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You might also want to note the Pinyin names of the two, as on tickets, they might show Pinyin instead of English:—

  • Changxing Railway Station (HSR) — Changxing Zhan (长兴站)
  • Changxing South Railway Station — Changxing Nan Zhan (长兴南站)
  • Deqing Railway Station (HSR) — Deqing Zhan (德清站)
  • Deqing West Railway Station — Deqing Xi Zhan (德清西站)

Services on the new Nanjing-Hangzhou HSR are expected to begin in very late June 2013 or early July 2013. The opening of this new line, ready for speeds up to 350 km/h, will cut travel time from Beijing to Hangzhou by an hour, as the new line bypasses Shanghai. This will turn Nanjing South into a four-way HSR hub.

Source: Hangzhou Rail Police (Official Weibo, Chinese)

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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