Shanghai Metro Line 13 Opens from Jinyun Road to Jinshajiang Road

Shanghai Metro Line 13

The last time there was a Line 13 was during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. During the expo, that line was probably better known as the World Expo Special Line, or the World Expo Dedicated Line (世博专线).

The new part of Line 13 does not currently run through the site of the Shanghai World Expo, but is expected to go through that route later on. For the moment, it runs between Jinyu Road and Jinshajiang Road. All stations on this part of the line are as follows:

  • JINYUN ROAD (金运路)
  • West Jinshajiang Road (金沙江路 / Jinshajiang West Road)
  • Fengzhuang (丰庄)
  • South Qilianshan Road (祁连山南路 / Qilianshan South Road) — station not yet open
  • Zhenbei Road (真北路)
  • Daduhe Road (大渡河路) — station not yet open
  • JINSHAJIANG ROAD (金沙江路) — change to Metro Lines 3 and 4

Completely new trains designed for Line 13 are now in use — riders who were here during the Expo would have noticed that trains were temporarily “borrowed” form the nearby Line 9 for much of 2010 (as was the case for Lines 8 and 10 during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.)

This line connects to Jinshajiang Road via an interchange corridor and is underground at that staiton (Lines 3 and 4 run above-ground there).

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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