Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou HSR: Premier, Business Class Seats Discounts Coming

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In brief:
If you book early, you can get Premier or Business Class seats cheaper on the Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou HSR later this month.

If you always wanted a seat at the head of the train, or wanted to lie down totally flat in Business Class, there’s good news for you. From 18 May 2012 through to 20 June 2012, passengers travelling on Premier Class or Business Class on the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity HSR and the Shanghai-Hangzhou HSR will be eligible for discounts.

That’s the good news. In details, though, there are some restrictions:-

  • You must be travelling on trains that run on the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity HSR or the Shanghai-Hangzhou HSR. Trains from Beijing, Tianjin, Ji’nan or Xuzhou that run between Shanghai, Nanjing and/or Hangzhou do not qualify.
  • Trains during rush hour in the morning and the evening will only be eligible for discounts if they are booked in advance. You must get these tickets via the Internet 7 to 12 days ahead (where “1 day ahead” is today — as in the day of travel).
  • First and Second Class are not eligible for discounts.

A 30% discount is offered for Business Class, so travel between Nanjing and Shanghai will be CNY 307.— per person (instead of CNY 438.—). A 10% discount is given to riders in Premier Class; what used to be a CNY 263.— ticket between the two metropolises will now be just CNY 237.—.

If you want a little bit of luxury during your morning commute, remember to book early!

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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