Lost Your Personal Ticket? You Can Replace It — As of 10 May 2012

In brief:
With effect from 10 May 2012, if you lose your personal ticket in China, you can get it replaced — once.

About a year ago, China instituted a new ticketing rule where HSR tickets must have the identity of the rider registered. This ID requirement was extended to nearly all tickets as of 01 January 2012.

The practice was institute to combat the growing threat of scalpers, and it seemed to have worked well, but a new problem has cropped up: What do you do when you lose your ticket? Previously, all tickets were anonymous pieces of paper. Now, though, most tickets bear the name of the rider. This, then, made travellers wonder why the railway authorities did not institute a system where lost tickets were replaced!

Thankfully, lost train tickets will be replaced as of 10 May 2012. (However, to qualify, your ticket must have your personal details registered.) We have the details here; in the meantime, to keep it short, you must get a new ticket first, ask for travel evidence, and then apply for a refund when the trip is over. Also, you must use the same document of identity as you did with your original ticket. Finally, if you lost your replacement, you’re stranded for good — the rail gods will not give you a second replacement!

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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