Wuhan–Shenzhen North Direct HSR Train Ticket Prices Finalised

Wuhan Station Platforms

In brief:
Prices for direct trains from Wuhan to Shenzhen North have been finalised.

Finalised ticket prices for G high speed trains from Wuhan to Shenzhen North have been finalised. For the trip lasting 4–5 hours (due to slightly longer halts at midway stations and temporary speed limits around parts of the line where a new station will enter service shortly), the prices are as follows:-

  • Business Class: CNY 1,660.—
  • Premier Class: CNY 1,000.—
  • First Class: CNY 840.—
  • Second Class: CNY 540.—

These prices are noticeably cheaper than most air fares, especially those bought on short notice. And of course, fees for higher classes of travel are always costlier on planes than on trains.

Business Class is only available on CRH380AL and CRH380BL trains. Premier Class is available on CRH3C and CRH380A trains only. All trains offer First and Second Class seats.

The first trains running the whole distance are already on sale online at the official 12306.cn Chinese railways ministry customer site. Trains running the whole stretch start running as of 01 April 2012.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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