Beijing Subway Line 9: Is Fengtai Dongdajie Out Of Action?

Beijing Subway, Fengtai Dongdajie Station

Of the 9 stations on the southern part of Line 9 due to enter service by late December 2011, one of them will be missing in action. That bit is — Fengtai Dongdajie station.

Also previously known as the (old) Fengtai Railway Station, this station lies in a remarkably old part of Fengtai. It is mainly home to local residents and a scattering of government offices. The impact of not opening this station is smaller, in fact, than not linking Line 9 up to Line 1 — when it’s just a stop shy!

There are plans to open this station up when the entire Line 9 opens late next year (late 2012). By then, the Liuliqiao interchange with Line 10 will have also opened.

Line 9 is a big interchange line. Starting from the southernmost terminus at Guogongzhuang, where it offers a cross-platform interchange to the Fangshan Line, it heads north to Qilizhuang (Lines 9, 14 interchange, opening early 2013), Liuliqiao (Lines 9, 10 interchange, opening late 2012), Beijing West Railway Station (Lines 7, 9 interchange, opening before 2015), the Military Museum (Lines 1, 9 interchange, opening late 2012), Baiduizi (Lines 3, 9 interchange, planned), Baishiqiao South (Lines 6, 9 interchange, opening late 2012) and the National Library (Lines 4, 9 interchange, opening late 2012).

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By David Feng

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