Beijing Subway Line 8: Schindler Elevators, Huoying Interchange, More

From what we’ve found out from the Ditiezu forums… on Beijing’s Subway Line 8.

(Note: This post refers to the section of Line 8 from the South Gate of Forest Park to Huilongguan Dongdajie, which will open late December 2011.)


Beijing’s Subway Line 4 suffered an awful, unfortunate elevator incident which killed one rider earlier this year as one of the elevators at the Beijing Zoo station malfunctioned. It was pretty much the end of the line for OTIS — and to make sure no innocent riders are EOLed ahead of time, they’ve decided to switch elevator suppliers so that Schindler elevators are now used.


A first with a few new late 2010 lines were the deployment of LED displays, which will enable stations to change sign info (but also make photographers have a much harder time shooting pictures of these signs, as they refresh too often). It looks like the new stretch of Line 8 will employ them on a much more expansive scale, including at interchange stations.

If you’re precision-oriented, you’ll probably balk at the jagged pixels on some signs. We can only hope for higher quality LED signs to come soon. By the way: Exit information for stations close to station exits are pretty much now all LED: isn’t it terrible when the chuanr shop next to the station shut down and you have to replace that info using a big, fat sticker?


All underground stations will continue to use full-height platform screen doors, as was the case with the Olympic stretch (from Beitucheng to the South Gate of Forest Park). They keep stations more quiet, but sadly, also a bit “eerier” when trains come in (that little wind-howl is a tad scary)…

All maps also feature the segment that will open in 2012 or 2013. These are:

  • National Art Museum (中国美术馆)
  • Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) — Lines 6, 8 interchange
  • Shichahai (什刹海)
  • Guloudajie (鼓楼大街) — Lines 2, 8 interchange
  • Andeli Beijie (安德里北街)
  • Anhuaqiao (安华桥)
  • Beitucheng (北土城) — Lines 8, 10 interchange

Map-makers take note!


Now for the worst news: the chronically busy Huoying interchange with Line 13 will use transfer passageways — and it will be long.

A bit like the scary Guomao interchange (but probably a bit worse): the single transfer tunnel will be rather crammed. Probably the sole major disappointment with Line 8 here…

Line 8 will be an underground palace here: Line 13 platforms are a step above ground level. The complete transfer here will mean going about three floors up or down.

Nobody said this was going to be easy…


  • Parts of Lines 8 and 9 to open next year, as well as the extension of the Changping Line to central Changping, are all drawn as “incomplete lines”.
  • Pale-yellow-white-ish are the main colour themes for a few of these stations.
  • Exit E at Huoying will take you to Kexing West Road. We thought you might like to know that.
  • Finally, the sole above-ground station on Line 8 (to open a few years later) will be the Line 8 and Changping Line interchange at Zhuxinzhuang.

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