Business Class on the CRH380AL: Not Always in Car 3…

CRH Business Class

Ah, Business Class. Where your seat becomes an instant lie-flat bed in 30 seconds after you summon it by the push of a button. That’s the good thing. The bad: it’s prohibitively expensive. And they only come in limited numbers…

Less-good still is the fact that where the universal rule was that all longer CRH380 trains featured them in Car 3, that rule is now no longer the case. We’ve seen trains where Business Class became now relegated to Car 1 (or Car 16). That means the number of lie-flat seats are now down to 20 (instead of 28). Car 3 on these trainsets are now the domain of First Class seats. Presently, Train G18 has been confirmed by us to use these “remixed” trains.

However, that’s only true for trains running on the Shijiazhuang-Wuhan HSR, slated for an opening just months away. As I’ve found out through different rail info sources, all Beijing-Shanghai trains still come with a full Business Class Coach. So why the two standards now? The modified trains from the Shijiazhuang-Wuhan HSR are now with us to cope with the lack of trains on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR, following the recall of CRH380BL trains in the late summer. When they’re back, though, you’ll have 8 more lie-flat seats to play around with!

For those who prefer travelling completely alone in a one-person-only seat, the casualties are a bit greater there are 6 such seats (plus 2 non lie-flat one-person sofas) on the remixed trains as opposed to 12 (plus 2). Still, we hope that there will be better trains ahead.

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By David Feng

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