Beijing to Build Subway Lines 8 and 16

This is original content from an earlier constituent site, and dates from before April 2012.

The city of Beijing is thinking about expanding its Subway network, following the successful opening of the highly popular Subway Line 5. It plans to build and expand Subway Lines 8 and 16.

Subway Line 8: Huilongguan – Olympic Area – Drum Tower (Gulou) – Qianmen – Nanyuan Wanyuan Road

Part of Line 8 will already open next year, when the Olympic Branch Line provides Subway services to the central Olympic area. This will allow people to travel to the main Games stadiums using public transit.

The part of Line 8 opening next year will run north from Panda Roundabout into the main Olympic Games area. The newly-planned extension will continue north beyond the main Olympic area, all the way to Huilongguan, and also continue south from Panda Roundabout through the Drum Tower (Gulou), Qianmen, all the way south Wanyuan Road in Fengtai District. However, it will head east, avoiding the Forbidden City. This extended part will be built by 2020, according the plans.

Subway Line 16: Huilongguan – Fengtai Jijiamiao

Another plan being planned is Line 16, which will likely run in a straight line between Huilongguan (also to be served with the Line 8 extension) in a north-south fashion straight to Jijiamiao in Fengtai.

Because construction on Line 16 has not even started, so therefore any and all plans now are likely to remain very sketchy.

Both these lines will serve Huilongguan, which right now has only Line 13 and therefore can be very crowded at times.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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