Site Development Plans at Tracking China

Welcome to Tracking China. This website hopes to provide visitors with the fullest information about travelling by rail in China, whether across the country on nationwide HSR services or slow trains, or in city centres by the city metro systems.

This website has been put back online in December 2014 following a move from a slower to a relatively faster server. Lots of the content are being updated and rewritten, as some have not been updated since mid-2012. Other content are being restored from the archives.

Here are the site development plans at this site for 2015.

Phase 1 is already complete. This site now has coverage for all years, with continuous coverage since December 2013 (at least one article for every month — in many cases much more than this).

Phase 2: To be progressively completed by 10 December 2015. When Phase 2 is completed:

  • you will have full access to all Beijing Subway station and line information for all lines, and all stations inside of (and including) Line 10. This also includes all of Lines 1, 4, 5, 8, and 13, as they are heavily-used lines
  • you will have full access to a list of all stations on all city metro systems and lines within mainland China
  • you will have full access to all lines on the national HSR network, and detailed information for up to 20 stations, including Beijing South, Wuxi East, and Ji’nan West stations
  • you will have full access to all national railway and city metro (for Beijing only) ticketing and basic fare information

Phase 3: To be completed by 15 January 2016. When Phase 3 is completed:

  • most of all content from previous constituent websites, dating back to 2006, will have been restored
  • you will have full access to all Beijing Subway station and line information for all lines and stations, and part of the Shanghai and Tianjin systems

Planned works for 2016, which are to begin on 01 February 2016, will be announced in the second half of January 2016.

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