Extra Ticket and Pricing Remarks

If you got your ticket online, then picked it up at a ticket counter, it will usually bear the remark , which refers to the Internet, as in online booking.. If you see the characters , , , , or , this means you’ve used a credit or debit card issued in China. A discounted ticket (for example, on routes with low demand), will show .

Here are some other remarks you might see. These have been ordered by the complexity of the first Chinese character first, then followed by the length of the text.

  • 专 = Concessionary ticket for disabled passengers.
    This is reserved for those with severe injuries who qualify to travel at a reduced rate on trains.
  • 优 = Priority ticket.
    Usually shown on group tickets along with the 团 indicator. Groups have priority in train travels.
  • 团 = Group ticket.
    You must use this in conjunction with a qualifying group ticket.
  • 学 = Student ticket.
    For students only — you will need qualifying valid student ID as well.
  • 孩 = Children’s ticket.
    This will be shown on tickets where children buy half price tickets.
  • 残 = Disabled passenger ticket.
    For disabled travellers only, most likely for disabled Chinese servicepersons and police officers.
  • 挂失补 = Replacement ticket.
    If you hold a replacement ticket, this will be shown. Report immediately to the Chief Conductor on trains to get your travel record. More info »
  • 中转签证 = Transfer ticket.
    This shows that you are holding a transfer ticket and have completed transfer registration as required.
  • 仅供报销使用 = Reimbursements only.
    This ticket refers to a completed journey and must not be used for travel.

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