Dezhou East (Dezhoudong) Railway Station (德州东站) – Shandong

Dezhou East (Dezhoudong) Railway Station (德州东站) is in Dezhou, Shandong, eastern China, and is on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR and the Shijiazhuang-Ji’nan HSR. This station is operated by Tianjin West Railway Station, CR Beijing.


Mouzhuangcun, Eastern Dezhou, Shandong Province (山东省德州市东部牟庄村)

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Floor-by-Floor Layout

  • Level 2: Departures Hall (Ticket Gate 2, footbridge to other platforms)
  • Level 1: Departures Hall (Main entrance, Ticket Gate 1 for access to Platform 1), Platforms, Ticket Office 2
  • Basement 1: Exit (via underpass), Ticket Office 1


▲ Ticket Office 1
This image was taken in April 2013

Ticket Office 1 is at the lower level (same level as Arrivals / Exit). This ticket office has ticket machines which accept Chinese citizen ID cards only.

▲ Ticket Office 2
This image was taken in April 2013

Ticket Office 2 is at the upper level (same level as main entrance to Departures). Please use the staffed counters if you do not hold a Chinese citizen ID card.

Please allow sufficient time to pick your ticket up if you purchased them online. Always bring your passport and quote your order number.

Boarding and Platforms

▲ Entrance to Departures Hall (on upper level)
This image was taken in April 2013

Access to the departures level is on the upper floor. There is direct access to this level by private car or taxi, and a drop-off bay is available.

▲ Departures Hall (Lower Level)
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The Departures Hall is split between a lower level for Ticket Gate 1 (direct access to Platform 1), and an upper level for Ticket Gate 2 (for access to all other platforms). Gate 2 is further split into four “mini” gates (2A to 2D).

▲ Ticket Gate 2 (on upper level)
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Ticket gates will close 5 minutes prior to departure. Always be at the gate early, so to avoid missing your train.

▲ Platform 1
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There are a total of 9 platforms at this station. Beijing-Shanghai line trains use Platforms 1-5; Shijiazhuang-Ji’nan line trains use Platforms 6-9. All platforms allow barrier-free access for wheelchair users. Mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Passengers to Qingdao: You might be able to get a slightly faster train to Qingdao if you use trains departing from Platforms 6 to 9.


Security checks are required for all passengers, including those purchasing or picking up tickets. You may need to go through additional security checks.

Barrier-Free and Special Care Services

Special Care passengers refer to elderly, young, ill, disabled, or pregnant passengers. Please seek assistance with station staff early to ensure you are offered travel assistance. Most newer stations are designed to be wheelchair accessible.

Passengers with strollers, as well as those with heavy luggage, are advised to use the lifts.


▲ Station Exit
This image was taken in April 2013

Follow the signs to the exits from the platform to leave the station. This station has one exit only.