Wuxidong (Wuxi East) Railway Station (无锡东站)

Regular Service
▶ Regular service at this station. This station is not usually busy.

Wuxidong (Wuxi East) station is in Wuxi, Jiangsu, eastern China, and is on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR. This station is run by Wuxi Railway Station, Shanghai Rail.


  • Area: By Xianfeng Road, Xishan, Wuxi, Jiangsu
    Eastern urban Wuxi
  • Streets: Xianfeng Road

Contact This Station

  • Telephone: +86 (0)21 12306 (24 hour service)
    Service will most likely be in Chinese. Ask a local friend for help if your have difficulties using the Chinese language.

  • Social Media – Sina Weibo: @无锡东站太湖明珠雷锋服务站 (Service in simplified Chinese only)
    Train service updates every 2 hours (08:00–20:00)
    Railway travel advice, tips, and information


  • Hours of Train Service:
    (Good only for the Beijing-Shanghai HSR)
    Beijing-Shanghai HSR to Beijing South (Beijingnan): 07:56–17:30
    Beijing-Shanghai HSR to Shanghai Hongqiao: 08:19–22:55
    Trains after 17:30 to Beijing may end at an earlier station.
    Ticket gates close 3 minutes before departure.

  • You are advised to check railway schedules as trains may be added or taken out of service on short notice.


  • Staffed Counters: North Ticket Office
    Rebooking: Counter 2
    Refunds: Counter 2
    Ticket Replacement: Counter 3
    ID Verification: Counter –
    Rail Police ID Services: Counter 4

  • Ticket Machines: Inside both North and South ticket offices
    All machines will work only with PRC ID cards.

  • New tickets for trains departing Wuxidong / Wuxi East available daily from 16:00.


  • Location of Platforms: Uppermost level, access via Departure Hall
  • Platforms and Destinations:
    Platforms 1 / 2: To Beijing, Tianjin, Ji’nan, Xuzhou, Bengbu and Nanjing
    Platforms 3 / 4: To Shanghai

  • Only most popular destinations given above. Always check the platform your train will use in advance.
  • Ticket gates open 13 minutes before departure. They will close 3 minutes before departure.

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Office: Counter 1, North Ticket Office
  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Lifts available throughout
  • Special Care Passengers: Service available at Wuxi East Tai Hu Lei Feng Service Desk


One main exit.
Please use the stairs at the front of Platforms 1 / 2, or at the back of Platforms 3 / 4, to leave the station.
Follow signs to the Metro if transferring onto Line 2.

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

Landmarks Nearby

The bus hub by Wuxi East is in the immediate vicinity of this station.

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Via main exit, then straight to bus hub
  • Transfer to Taxis: Via main exit
  • Transfer to Metro: Line 2 station at Wuxidong / Wuxi East

Nearby Stations

Stations in the Immediate Vicinity
Beijing-Shanghai HSR: BEIJINGNAN (BEIJNG SOUTH) – … – Changzhoubei (Changzhou North) – Wuxidong (Wuxi East) – Suzhoubei (Suzhou North) – … – SHANGHAI HONGQIAO

Travel times from Wuxi East (train travel times only)
30 minutes: Shanghai
1 hour: Nanjing
2 hours: Hangzhou
3 hours: Bengbu, Xuzhou
4 hours: Ji’nan, Dezhou
5 hours: Cangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing

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