Qingdao Passenger Transport Division (青岛客运段)

Long known as one of China’s more visible quality passenger service bodies, Qingdao Passenger Transport Division currently has 4 Red Flag Trains (which are only awarded to those of exceptional passenger service) serving passengers from Qingdao to and from Beijing and Shanghai.

Qingdao Passenger Transport Division was also the first such service body to introduce a brand on Chinese railways. The logo shows a flying red flag rushing forward, like an express train. This is inspired by a song — The Song of the Red Flag Train. The red train is a symbol of train heroes and warm service, and carries the spirit of service perfection from one generation to the next. The five stars both represent outstanding service and the good name of trains operated by Qingdao Passenger Transport Division. The sea is a symbol of a home always on the go, and the warm-heartedness of the people of Qingdao.

In response to cases where adults were unable to accompany their children onboard, Qingdao Passenger Transport Division introduced already in 2002 a Child Special Care programme.

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