Business Class on China Railways (HSR)

Business Class (商务座) is the best class of travel on Chinese HSR (of course, it’s expensive as well!). Free meals are included (especially if travelling long distance). In comparison to other classes of travel, you will see fewer travellers in Business Class, and you get a little more privacy. Usually, the most number of passengers you will have in a Business Class carriage is 24. Presently, Business Class is offered only on D or G trains, and they are only available on CRH380AL, CRH380BL and CRH380CL trains. There are also two Business Class seats in each of the Sightseeing Compartments at the ends of these trains.

Seating arrangements

  • Generally 1+1 or 2+1 seating
  • Window seats: A or F seats
  • Aisle seats: Not applicable for 1+1 seating, C seats for 2+1 seating
  • Companion seats: A and C are next to one other
  • Please note: Seats 2A, 2B, and 2F, as well as 7A, 7B, and 7F at the tiny compartment by the driver’s cab are actually First Class seats and are in any case considered rather uncomfortable to travel on. Thankfully, they are no longer part of newer train sets.

Where Business Class is located

  • Cars 1, 3 and 16 on the original CRH380AL and CRH380BL trains
  • Cars 1 and 16 on newer CRH380AL and CRH380BL trains, as well as all CRH380CL trains
  • Cars 1 and 8 on newer 8-car CRH380A and CRH380D trains in general

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