Nanning Metro (南宁地铁)

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The Nanning Metro serves the city of Nanning (Namzningz), capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Gvangjsih Bouxcuengh Swcigih), in southern China. This city’s metro network is currently under construction.


Nearing completion:

  • Line 1: Shibu – Nanning East (Namzningzdunc / Nanningdong) Railway Station via Nanning (Namzningz) Railway Station

This line goes through the city’s two main rail hubs, as well as Xixiangtang Coach Station, Minzu University, Guangxi University, Chaoyang Square, the ASEAN CBD, and Langdong Coach Station.


Lines 2 and 3 are being built; construction on Lines 4 and 7 will commence shortly.

  • Line 2: Xijin – Yudong
  • Line 3: Sci-Tech Park East – Free Trade Centre South
  • Line 4: Nanning South (Namzningznamz / Nanningnan) Railway Station – Yongning
  • Line 7: Yongjin – Liucun via Nanning East (Namzningz Dunc / Nanningdong) Railway Station

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