Nanchang Metro (南昌地铁)

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The Nanchang Metro serves the city of Nanchang, capital of the province of Jiangxi, in southeastern China. This city’s metro network is currently under construction.


Nearing completion:

  • Line 1: Shuanggang – Olympic Centre

This line goes through 1st August (Bayi) Bridge, Metro Tower, 1st August (Bayi) Square, and the Olympic Centre.


Lines 2 and 3 are being built; construction on Lines 4 and 5 will commence shortly.

  • Line 2: Nanchang West (Nanchangxi) Railway Station & South Avenue – Xinjia’an via National Sports Centre, Metro Tower, and 1st August (Bayi) Square
  • Line 3: Jingdong Avenue – Liantang
  • Line 4: Wangcheng – Changdong Avenue
  • Line 5: Fenglin Avenue – Huoju 6th Road

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