Xiyuan Subway Station (地铁西苑站)

A full guide to this station is being built. The following is a brief summary.

Regular Service
Regular service at this station. No works that may hamper travel are being planned for the immediate future.

Xiyuan Subway Station (地铁西苑站) is on Beijing Subway Line 4 and Line 16. It is situated in the Xiyuan Transport Hub, just by the Summer Palace (East Gate), in northwestern suburban Beijing.

Arriving Here by Subway

Doors will open on the left for both lines. This station uses two concourses, one per each line, so choose your exit before departing via the exit gates, as they connect inside the paid area only.

Escalators leading to ground level are generally available at exits.


You will want Exits C1 or C2 for access to the nearby Summer Palace (access to the east gate). There are fast food stalls and restaurants by Exits C1 and C2 as well.

If you are connecting onto buses, use an exit in the Xiyuan Transport Hub instead.

Changing Lines at This Station

Two one-way passageways are available, one going from Line 4 to Line 16, and the other in the opposite direction.

Starting your Journey by Subway

Security checks are required.

Users of physical Yikatong public transport smartcards may use the ticket machines to add value. This station supports QR codes and contactless mobile transport cards for travel.

Platform doors are in use for all platforms. For Line 4, there are a total of 24 doors per side. Each Line 4 train uses 4 doors. For Line 16, there are a total of 40 doors per side. Each train carriage uses 5 doors.

Last Line 4 trains: —:— for northbound trains to Anheqiao North; —:— for southbound trains to Tian’gongyuan (after —:—, trains only run as far as Xingong).

Last Line 16 trains: —:— for westbound trains to Beianhe.

Please note: We suggest that all passengers always enter stations and be inside the entry gates approximately 10 minutes before the arrival of the last train.

Last updated 30 November 2018; E&OE