Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 Subway Station (地铁北京首都国际机场 3 号航站楼站)

Regular Service
Regular service at this station. This station is not usually busy.

Terminal 3 station of the Beijing Subway at Beijing Airport is on Beijing Subway‘s Airport Express.

This station is located within the General Transport Hub. To get there, leave the Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall from the centre, heading straight until you reach the transport hub. Allow around 3-5 minutes to reach the station.

Use this station if you are travelling on Star Alliance and oneworld member airlines, or if your ticket states you will depart from Terminal 3. All other airlines operate from other terminals. If you will leave from Terminal 1, leave the train at Terminal 2 station, then use a separate passage for access to Terminal 1.


  • Area: Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District
    (朝阳区北京首都国际机场 3 号航站楼)
    Northeastern suburban Beijing, Capital International Airport
  • Streets: This is an airport station


  • Hours of Train Service:
    Airport Express to central Beijing: 06:21–22:51
    Enter stations at least 10 minutes before the last train arrives, as ticket gates can close early.

  • Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 8 minutes 30 seconds (approx 7 trains per hour)


  • Staffed Counters: By station entrance
  • Ticket and Value Machines: Station entrance, before ticket gates
    All machines add value to city transit cards.


This station is located inside the General Transport Hub of Terminal 3, easily accessible from the main terminal building.

  • Location of Platform: Mixed central and side platforms
  • Side Train Doors Open: Doors will open on both sides

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Ramps lead from the main terminal building to the Airport Express station


1 exit available

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • Main exit: To main Terminal 3 building

Landmarks Nearby

This station is entirely within Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport.

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Bus info coming
  • Transfer to Intercity Coaches: Leave the station and head to the lowermost level of the main Terminal 3 building for connections to intercity coaches.

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