Gucheng Subway Station (地铁古城站)

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Gucheng Subway Station (地铁古城站) is on Beijing Subway Line 1. It is in Gucheng, just east of the minor crossing between Shijingshan Road and Gucheng Alley, in western suburban Beijing. This is the westernmost station on the extended Chang’an Avenue on Line 1.

Arriving by Subway

Doors will open on the right.. This station uses split concourses, so choose your exit before departing via the exit gates.

Unlike most other Line 1 stations along the extended Chang’an Avenue (through to Nanlishilu), the exit sets here are divided by the two sides of the rail track. Thus, the exit pairs are A-B, C-D, not A-D and B-C as are at most other stations. You are able to change to the other side, but only if you’re within the paid area of the station.

Most exits have access via stairs and escalators.


Alas, the Xingzuo Shopping Centre, which used to be closest to Exit A, has now closed. This part of town is being redone so as to accommodate regional redevelopment and the extension of the extended Chang’an Avenue into Mentougou, western suburban and rural Beijing.

Changing Lines at This Station

There are no interchange facilities at this station.

Leaving by Subway

Security checks are required.

If you wish to add value to your Yikatong public transport smartcard, enter from Exits C or D, and head to staffed counters there.

Platform doors are planned for the Line 1 platforms. Always remain behind the yellow line until your train arrives and has come to a complete stop.

Last Line 1 trains: 00:06 for westbound trains to Pingguoyuan; 22:59 for eastbound trains to Sihui East.

Please note: We suggest that all passengers always enter stations and be inside the entry gates approximately 10 minutes before the arrival of the last train.

Last updated 12 November 2016; E&OE