Qingdao to Get New West Railway Station


The city of Qingdao will receive a fully new Qingdao West (Qingdaoxi) Railway Station. It’s “new”, because there is actually an existing Qingdao West station on the Jiaozhou-Ji’nan Railway, in Lancun, slightly due northwest, around 38 km (23¾ miles) away from Central Qingdao. The new station will be situated due southwest of the station, approximately half the distance away from the city centre.

So with two extant stations (one terminus, one intermediate hub station), why does the city need a third rail hub? That’s because the new Qingdao-Lianyungang Railway is now in the works. With this new line in operation, the Qingdao end will be at the West Railway Station, and the new railway line will head southbound from the city by the Jiaozhou Bay. In future, with all lines connected, Shanghai will only be 3½ hours from Qingdao — rather than the 7 hours travelling time that is currently needed. The current 1,400 km (875 mi) trek will then be shortened to just 700 km (437½ mi).

The new station is also designed to be part of the China-initiated One Belt, One Road Asia-Europe land passage initiative. The new Qingdao West station will also connect to Qingdao Metro Line 6, and via its connections, it will be linked further into the central city area.

Qingdao’s new station is expected to be completed by late 2018, when the Qingdao-Lianyungang Railway will also have been completed.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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