Extra Late Night Northbound Trains on Beijing Subway Line 4


To accommodate for passengers arriving late into Beijing South (Beijingnan) Railway Station, Beijing MTR will extend train service for northbound (ie citybound) trains on Beijing Subway Line 4 departing from Beijing South Railway Station.

The extra trains will run daily late in the evening from 29 September 2016 through to and including 07 October 2016. They will only run northbound from Beijing South via Xuanwumen, Xidan, and Xizhimen to Anheqiao North. These trains will mostly only serve passengers entering the system at Beijing South, as for all intermediate stations from Beijing South through to Anheqiao North, only one exit will be available; at these stations, passengers will only be able to exit the system.

These extra trains will extend service for an extra 30 minutes, so that the last train out of Beijing South will depart at 23:45. However, passengers must be inside the paid area by 23:35, as there is a 10-minute cut-off period for the final service. During this time of extra service, northbound trains only will run every 10-15 minutes.

There will be no extended service for southbound trains from Beijing South via Gongyixiqiao and Xingong to Tiangongyuan, and all times for last trains on southbound services will remain unchanged. There will also be no extended service for Line 14 trains.

Unfortunately, these extra trains will still be unable to service Train G8, which will arrive at Beijing South at 23:48. Passengers taking this train, which departs Shanghai Hongqiao at 19:00, must make alternative connection arrangements by taxi (caution: long queues expected!) or by private car. (Also, passengers travelling on Train G200 will be out of luck, as their train arrives after the 10-minute cut-off for the final Line 4 train has started. Travellers on Train C2108, G160, and G382 will arrive with only minutes to spare, even if you are using a Beijing Yikatong transit card.) Please note that you should not travel using any unauthorised means of transport.

Sources: Beijing MTR and China Railways Timetables
Chinese railways timetable based on running schedule on 01 October 2016

By David Feng

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