Some Trains Serving Taian Railway Station (Shandong) Not Stopping at Station 10 Oct 2016 – 20 Mar 2017

Due to roadworks involving the exit of Tai’an Railway Station (泰安站) in Shandong, as well as also involving the Western Outer Ring Road by the station, Track 5 of Platform 1 at this station will be affected. As a result, the following 10 train services will not be stopping at Tai’an station from 00:30 on 10 October 2016 through to and including 04:30 on 20 March 2017:

  • Train G35 (ar 17:10, dp 17:11)
  • Train G39 (ar 18:52, dp 18:54)
  • Train G41 (ar 11:19, dp 11:21)
  • Train G103 (ar 09:03, dp 09:05)
  • Train G159 (ar 19:50, dp 19:57)
  • Train G351 (ar 17:37, dp 17:39)
  • Train G1831 (ar 07:19, dp 07:21)

All of the above-mentioned trains will be southbound services. Please ensure you are booked onto a train which calls at this station. You may rebook before travel.

Northbound services will not be affected — however as these are long-distance trains, it makes little sense to “return northbound” by travelling too south (and you will probably pay extra). Therefore, the best solution is to simply ensure you are booked onto a train that actually serves Taian during this time.

Please note that this affects Taian Railway Station (泰安站) on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR only. It does not affect the regular rail station at Taishan (泰山), nor does it affect another Taian station (台安站) — this one in northeastern China.

Source: City of Taian Resident Service Centre (12345)

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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