Beijing South Railway Station Opens Express Entrances at Arrivals Hall


One of the beauties of the Beijing South (Beijingnan) Railway Station is that it was built for the future — future-proofed both in terms of dimensions, the direct subway link (two lines!), and a handful of express entrances. And indeed, all of these seven express entrances have been opened recently, being of particular help to passengers arriving via the Beijing Subway.

As Beijing Subway trains arrive at Basement 1, passengers may find it cumbersome to make their way up to Level 2 for departures. The good news is that these new express entrances will enable passengers travelling on trains departing from Platforms 6 through to 23 to have direct access to trains.

Gates open approximately 30 minutes before departures (for C trains to Tianjin and beyond, 15 minutes), so don’t arrive too early (but you can relax at, say, the Starbucks not too far away in case you are here ahead of schedule). Find your express entrance ticket gate by looking at the signs, which should show the express entrance number and the train numbers which enable easy access.

If you are taking a C train (that’s an intercity train) to Tianjin, you will use Express Entrance 8, which is closer to Exit C from the Subway station. For all other express entrances, use either Exits A or C. Then turn left (if you exited from Exit C) or right (if you got out from Exit A). (Yes, they’ve got the numbering sort of “funny”, but Express Entrance 8 does exist!)

Board only when your train number is prominently displayed. You will complete Ticket, ID and Security Check before you’re allowed inside the (rather small) waiting room. Of course, those of us who are travelling by Business Class with plenty of time to spare — who don’t like clichéd Americanised coffee — may instead choose to go up to Level 2 for the Business Class lounge. This will also mean that passengers may board both from the entry gates on the Departure Hall on Level 2, and from the underground entrances at Basement 1.

On occasion you will need to use the entrance gates from Level 2 — which is why arriving 30-40 minutes ahead of time (before your train is scheduled to depart) is a good idea.

To get to Beijing South (Beijingnan) station by Beijing Subway, take Line 4 if you’re in Central Beijing, the Universities in the northwest, Daxing, or Xizhimen; or take Line 14 if you’re coming in from Wangjing or the main CBD area by Guomao.

Picture credits: Official Weibo account of Beijing South Railway Station, used with kind permission

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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