Shanghai Rail Ticketing Machines: No Longer Just at Stations

Local media including Xinhua (Chinese; via report that Shanghai Rail is considering making good on a pilot programme which has seen rail ticketing machines being introduced across the city — but no longer just at rail stations. Previously, the only place where rail ticketing was available outside stations were, well, on the Internet.

39 of these machines are already available across Eastern China. Shanghai and other cities across eastern China, including Wuxi, Xuzhou, and Changzhou. The plan is to increase these to 80 machines across the Yangtse Delta Region, then offer 200 by late 2017, before doubling this to 400 machines by early 2018.

A few of these machines can even act as a banking machine supporting the China Railways ExpressPay card. However, at present, any and all of these cards work only if you pay using a UnionPay debit card or a handful of UnionPay credit cards. It seems unlikely you’ll be able to use these machines yet if you have a card issued outside of Mainland China.

Resident expats in China report the highest rates of success if you use a locally-issued bank card from China Merchants Bank, which should work both on mobile and Mac laptops without the need for an extra dongle.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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