CRH High Speed Trains Enter Kunming, Bringing Full Nationwide HSR Service

In China’s 17 mainland railway bureaus and companies, the CRH trainset, originally imported, but now almost all fully home-conceived, home-built and home-made, has had a presence. The opening in late 2014 of the Lanzhou-Ürümqi HSR meant that even the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation had its own CRH trainsets to own.

Southwestern China’s province of Kunming remained the sole exception — until very recently, when two CRH trains arrived at Kunming’s main station. One CRH2 train, and a more luxurious CRH380A trainset, pulled into Kunming station in the late night hours, each assigned an own line to run tests on, as the Shanghai-Kunming HSR and Yunnan-Guangxi Railways are primed for a later opening.

The trains departed Qingdao enroute to Kunming, using the new high speed line from Shanghai to Kunming as far west as the current terminus in Guizhou, capital of Guiyang. They then were rerouted using the current “classic” route, the Shanghai-Kunming Railway (non-HSR).

Tests on the new trains were immediately conducted. They will be used to test the new HSR lines, which will progressively open later in the year.

Photos courtesy of Zhai Chao, Kunming Rail

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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