Xi’an North Railway Station: Adding a Library to the Waiting Room…


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How would you like to pass your time reading books (instead of watching trains go by)? If you’ll be travelling from Xi’an North (Xi’anbei) Railway Station, this could very much be a new option!

Xi’an North’s first library-in-a-waiting-lounge, the Shuxiang (“Scent of Books”) Waiting Room, entered operation recently. They’ve everything from popular reads to cartoons, and there’s also an “e-library” as well, where digitised content can be downloaded onto the e-readers.

With around 2,000 books and magazines, there should be a good read for everyone, be it literature, psychology, philosophy, or arts. However, if you’re looking for a read in a language other than Chinese (and even English), it’s probably best to bring your own book along — it’d be hard, for example, finding something in Dutch, Romanian, Swahili, or Urdu.

It’s not the first time that Xi’an Rail has brought books to the rail world. Since 2014, they’ve also added quite a few “mobile libraries” onto trains. In this day and age where we’re addicted to our mobile devices, maybe such a waiting room could make a difference…

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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