Railways Target Ticketing Con Artists in Operation Falcon

This update is from China Railway Corporation.
This is the official national railway operator for China.

The railway police are continuing to defeat ticketing con artists, in order to safeguard passenger information and to ensure proper order in railway ticketing. Rail police have recently defeated a gang of 51 suspects accused of misusing passenger identity information. 41 computers and other mobile hard drives and devices have been seized as they were complicit elements in the crime.

Railway police have, since 26 November 2015, launched Operation Falcon to combat the crime of identity theft in railway ticketing. Through to 24 January 2016, 867 cases of illegal ticketing were detected and solved, with 1,018 suspects arrested, 40 gangs busted, and around 100,000 illegally printed tickets confiscated. Of these, there were 13,000 counterfeit tickets. The operation became a deterrent for ticketing criminals.

Chinese railway police wishes to remind all passengers to take special care of their identity documents. Please proceed to a railway station with your original identity document if you find your ID malignantly registered on the 12306.cn ticketing site.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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