More Frequent Trains on Beijing Subway Lines 6 and 10

Beijing’s Subway Lines 6 and 10 are amongst the busiest lines in the city’s subway network; Line 6 takes much of the load off Line 1, while Line 10 is a unique “outer loop” in the city that also goes through Zhongguancun and the CBD. As a result, both lines are usually very busy.

This is why Beijing Subway is about to cut the wait between trains on both lines, to ease crowded trains.

Beijing Subway Line 6: More trains as of 15 October 2015. The new minimum wait between trains will now be 3 minutes during the morning peak, and 2 minutes 45 seconds in the evening peak. This is a 8.3% increase in capacity in the mornings, and a 9.1% increase in the evenings. In the morning peak, 20 trains will run per hour on Line 6; come evening, this figure will be upped to almost 22 trains per hour.

Beijing Subway Line 10: More trains as of 13 October 2015. You will now be served by a train every 2 minutes (counterclockwise) or 2 minutes 15 seconds (clockwise), meaning a 4.2% (respectively, 11.1%) increase in capacity, in the mornings. The new changes do not affect trains running in the evening peak hours. For morning trains, there will now be up to 30 trains per hour on Line 10.

Demand for Beijing’s Subway system has grown by leaps and bounds — the operators report that this is now their 72nd revision to train frequency timetables, and you can bet this won’t be their last by a long shot!

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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