Beijing Subway Fangshan Line to See Extensions

Beijing Subway Fangshan Line

The rather “solitary” Fangshan Line will, in future, be more integrated with the existing Beijing Subway network. After starting out life in late 2010 as a solitary line, reached only by using a shuttle from the Daxing Line’s Xingong station, it made its first connection to Line 9 at Guogongzhuang in late 2011. Now, three more interchanges are being planned.

The Fangshan Line will continue further north from Guogongzhuang up to Fengyi South Bridge (Fengyi’nanqiao), where it will connect there with Line 16, Beijing’s first line to come with extra-wide, 8-car trains. The Fangshan Line itself is so built so that it can continue further north at this point if needed. Meanwhile, further south, a connection will be made with Line 10 at Shoujingmao, and a western extension will bring it to a new westernmost terminus, where it will also connect with the new Yanfang Line, which will open soon — some say as early as late 2016.

The western extension, which will extend the Fangshan Line from the present-day Suzhuang terminus to Yancun North, will feature cross-platform interchanges. This will mean that a passenger on Line 4’s northernmost terminus, Anheqiao North, need only use three cross-platform interchanges to travel the length over nearly 70 kilometres (44 miles) all the way to the future terminus of the Yanfang Line, Yanhua.

The northern extension consists of two regular, and two interchange stations: Fanyang Road (Fanyanglu), Southern 4th Ring Road station, and the Shoujingmao and Fengyi Bridge South stations. This extension will open by 2019.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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