Hefei-Fuzhou High Speed Railway Opens 28 June 2015, Ticketing Begins 08:00 on 27 June 2015

Fuzhou Railway Station (Characters)

In brief:
The Hefei-Fuzhou High Speed Railway will open to the general public on 28 June 2015, with ticketing to start as of 08:00 China time on 27 June 2015.

The new high speed line from Hefei, Anhui to Fuzhou, Fujian, will open to the public on 28 June 2015, with ticketing for those new trains to start as of 08:00 local time on 27 June 2015. This is according to official China Railway sources.

Booking will be available via the official 12306.cn website, although it is almost certain “regular” counters at railway stations will also have these.


The new line will only have limited services for the first three days, with 12 trains running in each direction. Services during these days will only run as far as Hefei South (Hefei’nan) and Fuzhou, Fujian. Passengers connecting onto or from these trains will have to ensure they allow extra time for connections.

All trains running during this time will be G trains, which will run for the moment at 300 km/h (186 mph).


The number of trains running on this line is set to more than quadruple as of 01 July 2015, when an all-new nationwide timetable enters into effect. This will mean 54 trains will run on this line in each direction (northbound and southbound), with all of them being G trains running at 300 km/h (186 mph).

As of that date, trains will run to destinations beyond Hefei South and Fuzhou. In particular, there will be direct trains from Beijing, which will leave from the south station and run much faster than before. Travel times between Beijing South (Beijingnan) and Fuzhou will be further cut by at least two hours, as the new line is designed for much higher speeds (trains were previously forced to travel at speeds as low as 200 km/h / 125 mph), and will no longer require trains to reroute via Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Wenzhou.

Tracking China will also release a Quick Map of the new route for travellers, which will include city metro connections. This will be released early on 28 June 2015, to coincide with the opening of the new line.


Please note that passengers will be able to change between the Beijing-Hefei-Fuzhou HSR trains and those running on the Shanghai-Kunming HSR line (for the moment going as far west as Guiyang North (Guiyangbei) at Shangrao Railway Station. A totally new interchange solution has been put into place, however, so always be sure to follow signage.

This line opens on 28 June 2015

    Change for Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu HSR and trains to Bengbu South and Beijing South
    Transfer to Hefei Metro Line 1 (being built)

  • Changlinhe 长临河
  • Chaohu East (Chaohudong) 巢湖东
  • Wuwei 无为
  • Tongling North (Tonglingbei) 铜陵北
  • Nanling 南陵
  • Jingxian 泾县
  • Jingde 旌德
  • Jixi North (Jixibei) 绩溪北
  • Shexian North (Shexianbei) 歙县北
  • Huangshan North (Huangshanbei) 黄山北
  • Wuyuan 婺源
  • Dexing 德兴
  • Shangrao 上饶
    Change for Shanghai-Kunming HSR
    Change for Shanghai-Kunming Railway and trains to Qianshan West

  • Wufushan 五府山
  • Wuyishan North (Wuyishanbei) 武夷山北
  • Wuyishan East (Wuyishandong) 武夷山东
  • Jian’ou West (Jian’ouxi) 建瓯西
  • Nanping North (Nanpingbei) 南平北
  • Gutian North (Gutianbei)古田北
  • Minqing North (Minqingbei) 闽清北
  • FUZHOU 福州
    Change for Southeastern Coastal HSR and services to Nanchang West
    Change for Fuzhou-Mawei and Fuzhou-Pingtan Railways
    Transfer to Fuzhou Metro Line 1 (being built)

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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