Beijing Rail to Add Four New Beijing-Tianjin Intercity HSR Trains During 2015 Dragon Boat Festival

Tianjin West (Tianjinxi) Railway Station

On 19 June 2015, HSR stations in Beijing and Tianjin are expected to be very busy. To let more passengers be on the move between the two megacities, four extra intercity trains are scheduled for that day. Please note that these are G trains (which are usually train codes used for long-distance HSR trains) instead of C trains (usually reserved for intercity HSR trains). All trains run from Beijing South (Beijingnan) to Tianjin West (Tianjinxi). Beijing-Shanghai HSR trains are available from both stations. Beijing Subway Line 4 links to Beijing South; Tianjin Metro Line 1 links to Tianjin West. There are also connections to regular rail trains and high speed services to northeastern China from Tianjin West Railway Station.

The following extra services will run on 19 June 2015, and will mainly operate in the evening:

  • Train G9011: (Beijing South – Tianjin West)
    dep Beijing South: 18:12
    arr Tianjin West: 18:56
  • Train G9013: (Beijing South – Tianjin West)
    dep Beijing South: 19:05
    arr Tianjin West: 19:41
  • Train G9015: (Beijing South – Tianjin West)
    dep Beijing South: 20:15
    arr Tianjin West: 20:51
  • Train G9017: (Beijing South – Tianjin West)
    dep Beijing South: 22:07
    arr Tianjin West: 22:43

Passengers travelling on Train G9017 will have to be quick to transfer onto the final Metro Line 1 train heading northwest towards Liuyuan, as that connection departs at 22:52. This transfer is not guaranteed, as it is expected passengers are to enter the Metro station 10 minutes in advance. There are no Metro connections for passengers on Train G9017 into central Tianjin (to Shuanglin). For safer connections to other destinations via Tianjin Metro Line 1, it is advisable to use an earlier train.

These tickets are currently available either online, via phonebooking, via ticket machines (holders of mainland Chinese Resident ID cards only), or at ticket offices.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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