Luohe Railway Station: Works May Impact Your Journey

Luohe Railway Station in central China’s He’nan province is about to undergo station works involving changes to platforms. This will mean there will be 16 trains which will not call at this station from 15 July 2015 through to 15 December 2015.

Important: This only affects regular rail trains at the main Luohe station in the city centre. It does not affect Luohe West (Luohexi) station for HSR trains.

The following trains are impacted and will not be stopping at Luohe:

  • Train T167 (Beijing West – Nanchang)
  • Train T253 (Tianjin – Guangzhou)
  • Train K973 (Harbin – Xiangyang)
  • Train K1275 (Baotou – Nanchang West)
  • Train K315 (Xi’an – Nanning)
  • Train K237 (Taiyuan – Shenzhen West)
  • Train K599 (Baotou – Guangzhou)
  • Train K243 (Xi’an – Xiamen)
  • Train K863 (Lanzhou – Hankou)
  • Train K1211 (Zhengzhou – Guiyang)
  • Train K1212 (Guiyang – Zhengzhou)
  • Train K279 (Beijing West – Shiyan)
  • Train K280 (Shiyan – Beijing West)
  • Train K262 (Hanzhong – Beijing West)
  • Train T388 (also Train T389) (Hefei – Xining)
  • Train T390 (also Train T387) (Xining West – Hefei)

Passengers are advised to use other trains or to use high speed services at Luohe West (Luohexi) Railway Station.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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