Extra Trains This Weekend from Kunming to Qujing, Xuanwei and Dali

Trains at Kunming Railway Station

Kunming Rail has announced that, due to increasing demand, extra trains will run on this Friday and over the weekend. These trains go to Dali, Qujing, and Xuanwei.

All trains will operate from 12 June 2015 through to and including 14 June 2015. Book early and pick tickets up well in advance.


  • Train K6101: departs Qujing at 17:00; arrives at Kunming at 18:38
  • Train K6102: departs Kunming at 14:00; arrives at Qujing at 15:37


  • Train K6115: departs Xuanwei at 19:35; arrives at Qujing at 20:38, and at Kunming at 22:25
  • Train K6116: departs Kunming at 15:00; arrives at Qujing at 16:35, and at Xuanwei at 17:45
  • Train K6117: departs Xuanwei at 21:05; arrives at Qujing at 22:08, and at Kunming at 23:55
  • Train K6118: departs Kunming at 17:10; arrives at Qujing at 18:56, and at Xuanwei at 20:10


  • Train K6144 (also known as Train K6141): departs Dali at 11:50; arrives at Kunming at 19:12
  • Train K9646 (also known as Train K9647): departs Kunming at 23:58; arrives at Dali at 08:37 the next day

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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