Beijing Rail to Operate New Trains from Central Beijing to Yanjiao

Yanjiao Railway Station

Yanjiao (燕郊), a city in Hebei (河北) right next to Beijing, is now getting a new an express train connection. The service, which lasts for approximately half an hour, will run three times daily (twice to Beijing and once to Yanjiao).

This solves a long-standing question of how Yanjiao residents will travel to Beijing. The Lucheng (潞城) terminus of Beijing Subway Line 6 is just mere miles away from the Beijing border with Yanjiao, and the Beijing Subway authorities seem rather reluctant to continue extending the subway line to Yanjiao. The new Beijing-Yanjiao train services are expected to be highly popular; this will in fact be up to 10 minutes faster than an equivalent distance from Lucheng to the east 2nd Ring on Line 6.

Scheduled departure times according to Beijing Rail are:

  • 06:46 for Train D9022 from Yanjiao to Beijing (Beijing arrival time: 07:17)
  • 17:50 for Train D9023 from Beijing to Yanjiao (Yanjiao arrival time: 18:16)
  • 19:57 for Train D9024 from Yanjiao to Beijing (Beijing arrival time: 20:23)

Trains will operate on this line at speeds of around 160 km/h. The trains used will be CRH trains (most CRH trains on this railway line offer only First and Second Class carriages).

These trains will enter service on 12 January 2015 and is expected to relieve an already-busy Beijing Subway Line 6 and the expressways running next to the railway line.

Passengers can connect to other destinations in central Beijing with Line 2, which has a stop at the city’s main railway station.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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