Beijing Extends Subway Network, Boosting Mileage Above 500 Kilometres

Beijing Subway (Big)

Just today (28 December 2014), the city of Beijing took off the wraps of four new / extended Subway lines:

  • Line 6 (Phase 2), which extends services that used to end at Caofang to Lucheng, just a few kilometres shy of the Beijing-Hebei border;
  • Line 7, which links Jiaohuachang, the coking plant in the remote eastern suburbs, to the Beijing West Railway Station;
  • Line 14 (East), which gives Wangjing a second Subway connection;
  • Line 15, which has now been extended further west from Wangjing West to just east of Peking University
  • Cishousi 慈寿寺
    Interchange with Line 10

  • Huayuanqiao 花园桥
  • Baishiqiao South 白石桥南
    Interchange with Line 9

  • Erligou 二里沟
    This station is currently not open. Future Line 16 interchange.

  • Chegongzhuang West 车公庄西
  • Chegongzhuang 车公庄
    Interchange with Line 2

  • Ping’anli 平安里
    Interchange with Line 4

  • Beihai North 北海北
  • Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷
    Interchange with Line 3 (being built) and Line 8

  • Dongsi 东四
    Interchange with Line 5

  • Chaoyangmen 朝阳门
    Interchange with Line 2

  • Dongdaqiao 东大桥
  • Hujialou 呼家楼
    Interchange with Line 10

  • Jintailu (Jintai Road) 金台路
    Interchange with Line 14

  • Shilipu 十里堡
  • Qingnianlu (Qingnian Road) 青年路
  • Dalianpo 褡裢坡
  • Huangqu 黄渠
  • Changying 常营
  • Caofang 草房
    Some trains will end here

  • Wuzixueyuan Lu (Materials University Road) 物资学院路
  • Tongzhou Beiguan 通州北关
  • Tongyunmen 通运门
    This station has not yet opened

  • Beiyunhe West (Grand Canal West) 北运河西
  • Beiyunhe East (Grand Canal East) 北运河东
    This station has not yet opened

  • Haojiafu 郝家府
  • Dongxiayuan 东夏园
  • LUCHENG 潞城
    Interchange with Line 9
    Change for Beijing West (Beijingxi) Railway Station

  • Wanzi 湾子
  • Daguanying 达官营
    Interchange with Line 16 (under construction)

  • Guang’anmennei 广安门内
  • Caishikou 菜市口
    Interchange with Line 4

  • Hufangqiao 虎坊桥
  • Zhushikou 珠市口
    Interchange with Line 8 (under construction)

  • Qiaowan 桥湾
  • Ciqikou 磁器口
    Interchange with Line 5

  • Guangqumennei 广渠门内
  • Guangqumenwai 广渠门外
  • Shuangjing 双井
    Interchange with Line 10 not yet open

  • Jiulongshan 九龙山
    Interchange with Line 14 (under construction)

  • Dajiaoting 大郊亭
  • Baiziwan 百子湾
  • Huagong 化工
  • Nanlouzizhuang 南楼梓庄
  • Happy Valley Scenic Area 欢乐谷景区
  • Fatou 垡头
    This station is currently not open

  • Shuanghe 双合
  • Garden Expo Park 园博园
  • Dawayao 大瓦窑
  • Guozhuangzi 郭庄子
  • Dajing 大井
  • Qilizhuang 七里庄
    Interchange with Line 9

  • Xiju 西局
    Interchange with Line 10

  • Stations between Xiju and Jintailu, but not including these two stations, have not yet opened.
  • Jintailu (Jintai Road) 金台路
    Interchange with Line 6

  • Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园
    This station has not yet opened

  • Zaoying 枣营
  • Dongfengbeiqiao (Dongfeng North Bridge) 东风北桥
  • Jiangtai 将台
  • Gaojiayuan 高家园
    This station has not yet opened

  • Wangjing South 望京南
  • Futong 阜通
  • Wangjing 望京
    Interchange with Line 15

  • Donghuqu 东湖渠
  • Laiguangying 来广营
    Interchange with Line 13 to be built

  • Liudaokou 六道口
  • Beishatan 北沙滩
  • Olympic Green 奥林匹克公园
    Interchange with Line 8

  • Anlilu (Anli Road) 安立路
  • Datunlu East (Datun Road East) 大屯路东
    Interchange with Line 5 (interchange being built)
    Line 15 trains will not stop at this station

  • Guanzhuang (Line 15) 关庄 (15 号线)
    This is not Guanzhuang station on the Batong line

  • Wangjing West 望京西
    Interchange with Line 13

  • Wangjing 望京
    Interchange with Line 14

  • Wangjing East 望京东
    This station has not yet opened

  • Cuigezhuang 崔各庄
  • Maquanying 马泉营
    Some trains will end here

  • Sunhe 孙河
  • China International Exhibition Centre 国展
  • Hualikan 花梨坎
  • Houshayu 后沙峪
  • Nanfaxin 南法信
  • Shimen 石门
  • Shunyi 顺义
    Interchange with future express Subway line planned

  • FENGBO 俸伯

To many who will transit the capital whilst connecting between trains from Beijing South to Beijing West main line railway stations, the new and faster way is to take Line 4 from Beijing South up to Caishikou, then head west on Line 7 until the Beijing West terminus. Subway connection times have been slashed to under 20 minutes, with a one-way fare costing riders a mere ¥4.

Fares in the city’s Subway network have also gone up; the minimum fare is now ¥3, and the maximum fare is now ¥9 for the moment, although it is probably reserved only for travel from one end of the system to the other. Reduced fares apply to frequent users (although the discounts end after the 400th Renminibi of spent travels on the city fare zone of the Subway network per month), so to encourage people from picking up a city transit card.

The cost of travelling without a ticket has now gone up exponentially — the new penalty is ¥90 if caught. New also is a rule that penalises you if you stay in the system for 4 hours or more; you will be charged the minimum fare, ¥3.

When travelling on the new lines or extensions, remember also that you must have both your bags checked and be subject to an airport-style inspection of your body via the metal detector, as is the case at national railway stations.

The city’s Subway network stands now at 527 km, just under 20 km shy of Shanghai (the current holder for the world’s largest city metro system by mileage) and over a hundred kilometres longer than London’s system.

A few notes of caution:

  • Datunlu East station is closed on Line 15 only. Passengers cannot change directly between Lines 5 and 15 until at least late 2015, according to the plans. Only Line 5 users can use Datunlu East for now.
  • Tongyunmen and Beiyunhe East stations on Line 6 are closed. Also, a handful of trains will continue to go only as far as Caofang, which has been the case for all trains before the extension further east just opened today.
  • Beijing West’s subway station uses a cross-platform interchange system; however, only southbound passengers on Line 9 changing to Line 7, and westbound passengers on Line 7 changing to northbound Line 9 trains, will be able to take advantage of this. Everyone else will have to use the concourse on the upper level to fully complete the change.
  • Passengers will not be able to directly change at Shuangjing between Lines 7 and 10. Only Line 10 passengers will be able to use Shuangjing for the moment.
  • Fatou station on Line 7 is closed for the time being.
  • Chaoyang Park and Gaojiayuan stations on Line 14 are also closed for the time being.
  • On Line 14, stations east of Xiju, and south of Jintailu, are still being built. You will have to use Line 10 (plus a short stretch of Line 6) to complete a ride on both ends of the line.
  • You cannot as of yet change between Lines 13 and 15 at Qinghuadonglu Xikou station, although Line 13 will also be building a station on its part of the stop in the near future.
  • It does not appear that express services will yet commence on Line 6.
  • Confusingly, there are two Guanzhuang stations — one on Line 15, the other on the Batong Line. Make sure which station you’re headed for; the two can be far from one other!

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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