Regular Rail Platforms at Harbin West Railway Station Now Open

Harbin West Railway Station

Regular rail services have now begun at Harbin West (Harbinxi) Railway Station, although for the moment, this is limited to exit-only services. Passengers can leave the train here, although it will still be some time before they may board trains here.

Four trains will now call at Harbin West beginning today (09 October 2014). These trains are:

  • Train K7042 from Mohe to Harbin East (Harbindong) — Harbin West arrival at 11:22
  • Train K7098 (also numbered K7094 / K7095) from Hailar to Harbin — Harbin West arrival at 08:33
  • Train K7124 (also numbered K7125) from Qiqihar to Yichun — Harbin West arrival at 11:42
  • Train T5002from Qiqihar to Harbin — Harbin West arrival at 09:37

Two further trains will join the above list as of 26 October 2014. These trains are:

  • Train 4075 from Harbin East to Nenjiang — Harbin West arrival at 10:25
  • Train K554 (also numbered K551) from Mudanjiang to Wenzhou — Harbin West arrival at 14:34

Six platforms serve the still-predominantly HSR Harbin West station. Regular trains stopping here are a part of a plan to gradually “spread out” the traffic from a main city station in central Harbin that is increasingly very busy.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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