New Xin Qiao Special Care Service Centre Opened at Shijiazhuang Railway Station

The new Xin Qiao Special Care Service Centre (馨桥爱心服务区) at Shijiazhuang Railway Station is now open and ready to serve Special Care Passengers — namely, seniors, children, ill, disabled or pregnant passengers. The Centre is located in the southern part of the Level 2 Departures Hall (where there used to be ticket counters; they have since been centralised into the main ticket booths just by the station entrance). Passengers may also reserve services for Special Care Passengers by telephone (Tel.: +86 (0) 311-80943111 or 12306). Note: Remember most staff work in Chinese, so always have a local friend ready if you can’t speak Chinese well.

Two wheelchairs and a pair of crutches are available. A Nursing Room is also available. During the Spring Festival Peak Travel Period, Shijiazhuang Railway Station’s Xin Qiao Special Care Service Centre, in collaboration with Ping’an Hospital, offers a Special Care Clinic. These special services are provided to make journeys for passengers in need more comfortable.

To better serve passengers from abroad, the Wang Yuan Counter, which offers English-language ticketing services, has been established at Counter 25, in Ticket Office 2 on Level 1.

Please note that Shijiazhuang station is a mixed Regular Rail + HSR station. As passenger flow will be high, please arrive early for your train. Ticket, ID and Security Check is to be completed before passengers head for the Departures Hall. Please double check your ticket gate. Remember gates for your train will close 3 minutes prior to departure. If you have missed your train and are travelling on CRH services, you may rebook at Counters 31 or 32 at Ticket Office 2.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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