2014 Spring Festival Peak Travel Period Starts Today

Spring Festival Peak Travel Season 2014

The Spring Festival Peak Travel Season begins 15 days before the first day of the New Year in the Chinese traditional (lunar) calendar, and continues until the 25th day of the Chinese New Year. For 2014, this peak travel season begins on 16 January 2014 and ends on 24 February 2014, lasting 40 days. This year, the railways are instituting measures so that passengers benefit the most, to ensure travellers a safe, convenient, and pleasant journey.

Passengers who have already booked tickets online are advised to pickup tickets early:—

  • For passengers travelling on a valid Chinese ID card, please proceed to the nearest automatic ticket machine or e-ticket pickup device, or to the nearest authorised ticket agent, to pickup your ticket. In case of problems, you may also use a conventional staffed counter at railway stations, but please also prepare your order number.
  • Passengers using other ID documents, please proceed to the nearest staffed counter at railway stations; in addition, prepare your order number when picking up.

Ticketed passengers are kindly reminded to keep their tickets in a safe location. In case your ticket has been lost, you may apply for ticket replacement at any station. Remember to apply early, as this service ends for trains 20 minutes before ticket gates close. As gates close at different times in different stations, it’s always a good idea to arrive early. Please proceed to the designated ticket replacement counter (挂失补办 in Chinese).

There will be heavy passenger flow during the holidays, so please buy or pickup tickets early to avoid last-minute queues. When entering stations, please have your ticket and matching ID with you, and please cooperate with security check. Always keep an eye out on your belongings as you complete Ticket, ID, and Security Check. Arrive at your designated ticket gate early — always check your train number and travel details.

In accordance with the Railway Safety Management Regulations, it is an offence to smoke onboard CRH trains. If you smoke, you risk triggering the alarm, which may cause trains to slow down or even to stop. Offenders are liable to fines: individuals are subject to penalties (RMB 500 – 2,000).

Please complete security check before boarding. Remember that dangerous items are strictly prohibited onboard.

The coat hook is for the use of clothes only. Do not place heavy items on the table. Always watch your belongings and beware of con artists. Never leave your valuables unattended.

When adjusting the backrest of your seat, always remember there may be other passengers seated behind you. Always use proper, safe rechargers for personal electronic devices. Stay away from their “shanzhai” equivalents; never use counterfeit chargers.

The railways wish everyone a safe and pleasant journey home.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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