Beijing Subway Lines 1 and 9: Military Museum Interchange Begins 21 December 2013

The era where the very odd arrangements — of Line 1 trains stopping at Military Museum, of Line 9 trains skipping it, and of no interchange at this station — that made the Military Museum station what it was — is now finally over.

Full interchange facilities will be available starting 21 December 2013, and all passengers will be able to change trains here. This will finally mean that the long-awaited Military Museum interchange will be reality, shaving much travel off between the West Railway Station and Chang’an Avenue.

To change between the two lines, passengers will need to make use of two rather long interchange passageways, and as they are one-way only, you’ll need to pay particular attention to signs at this station.

In addition, a few new exits are opening up, as part of the Line 9 part of the station:

  • Exit A — close to the Military Museum
  • Exit D — close to the China Millennium Monument
  • Exit E — split between exits E1 and E2, also close to the Military Museum
  • Exit G — close to Yuyuantan Middle School
  • Exit H — close to the China Millennium Monument

For a slightly less “long march” underground, continue using the current reroute — via Line 6 and Line 9, which offer a much more convenient transfer passage at Baishiqiao South station.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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