Xi’an Continues to Be a Popular Rail Getaway

Xi'an Railway Station

The Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival three-day break turned out to be a good time to travel, and in China’s ancient capital where it all began — Xi’an (西安) — over 820,000 took to the rails, according to information from Xi’an Rail (in Chinese). The main station, Xi’an Railway Station, saw over 127,000 passenger movements in the travel peak (09 – 12 June 2013).

Extra services were added for trains to Baoji, Tongguan, Shenmu and Huashan (home of Mt Hua). HSR also proved to be a hit; 4 extra trains to and from Beijing West (2 per direction) were added, as were 2 extra services to and from Guangzhou South (one service per direction).

The challenging Mount Hua proved, in particular, to be a hit, with a direct CRH service taking only 40 minutes offered to passengers from Xi’an. Extra trains were also added to the nearby city of Baoji, where later this year, HSR services will be hosted at the Baoji East Railway Station.

Xi’an is now just around 4½ hours away from the (modern) Chinese capital (Beijing) by HSR (Beijing West – Xi’an North). Both HSR hubs are connected by city metro (Line 9 for Beijing West, Line 2 for Xi’an North).

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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