Tianjin Metro Line 2 Enters Operation — Initially as Two Split Sections

What a rather “interesting” way to bring a new line into the network — Tianjin’s Metro Line 2 entered into operation on 1 July 2012 as two separate parts of the same line! Still, there is a reason for this rather awkward opening: there was damage by Jianguo Road (Jianguodao), where there was a Line 2 station works site.

Line 2 only connects to Line 1 if you travel in the western part of the line, where passengers can change between the two lines at Xi’nanjiao station. Its only other connection is with the main Tianjin Railway Station at its temporary westernmost terminus for the eastern stretch. There are plans to extend this line to Binhai International Airport, but right now, that part is not yet open.

The new line opened to somewhat awkward connections, but at least gets passengers out of Tianjin Railway Station faster — provided you are headed the right way.

The western stretch of Line 2 begins at Caozhuang in the west, and ends at Dongnanjiao in the east. The eastern part starts off from Tianjin Railway Station in the west, and ends at Konggang Jingjiqu (Airport Business Area) in the east. The eastern part of Line 2 is expected to be connected to Line 3 soon at Tianjin Railway Station; passengers can then use part of Line 1 from Yingkoudao (where Line 3 meets Line 1) through to Xin’anjiao (where they can continue on Line 2). It is hoped the “full” Line 2 will open soon.

For the moment, trains do not run between Dongnanjiao and Tianjin Railway Station, and Jianguodao station remains a work in progress.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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