Zhengzhou-Xuzhou HSR Sees Finalized Plans for Dangshan South Station

In brief:
Planning and works continue on the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou HSR with a midway station, Dangshan South, finalized.

The route of the 362.39 km-long Zhengzhou-Xuzhou HSR is being finalized as more HSR works sites in China get back to work. This very HSR line is the easternmost stretch of the eventual Ürumqi–Xuzhou HSR, which leaves eastern China’s Xuzhou (Jiangsu province) all the way to Ürumqi in Xinjiang.

The city of Dangshan (砀山) is a city in Anhui province with a lot of history. Situated in northern Anhui, it has been inhabited by people for thousands of years. This part of China, not far from the Yellow River, is also considered as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Much of the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou HSR is in central China’s He’nan province, with around 73 km in Anhui and just under 36 km of the HSR in Jiangsu province. The easternmost terminus, Xuzhou, is in Jiangsu, and already enjoy a station on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR. This very station, Xuzhou East, is already in use. HSR trains further westbound will join Beijing-Shanghai trains at the completed station.

Dangshan South is expected to become a midway station, with the main station building just a slight distance away from the track, which will be on an embankment. Passengers will use underpasses to reach the platforms. The building will be rectangular but feature a blue, somewhat traditional-looking roof.

The Zhengzhou-Xuzhou HSR is optimized for speeds up to 350 km/h. It starts at Zhengzhou East (which will enter use later this year), ends at Xuzhou East, and runs through Kaifeng North, Lankao South, Minquan North, Shangqiu, Dangshan South, Yongcheng North and Xiaoxian North Railway Stations. Over 70% of the new line will be elevated. Works are slated to start at the end of the year.

Sources: Local media

By David Feng

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