Tianjin Metro Line 3 Ready for Chinese National Day Opening

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Tianjin’s Metro Line 3 will open on 01 October 2012, in time for the Chinese National Day.

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The Tianjin city planning and construction government bodies have affirmed that the new Metro Line 3 will open on 01 October 2012, to coincide with China’s National Day. The nearly 30 km-long line is extremely crucial, as it links two railway stations (Tianjin and Tianjin North) and its planned extension will link to the Tianjin South Railway Station on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR. Out of the 23 stops, 18 will be underground, 4 above ground, and 1 on ground level.

Line 3 zigzags through Tianjin heading northeast. It starts at the High-Tech Zone in Xiqing, not far from the Tianjin South Railway Station, and continues via Wangdingdi, the Tianjin Tower (Tianta), Yingkou Road, Nanjing Road and Jinwan Square, to the Tianjin and Tianjin North train stations. It continues further northeast bound for Yixingbu, the Jinwei (Tianjin-Weichang) Highway and Fengchanhe, finally ending at the Xiaodian terminus.

Tianjin’s Line 3 is a breath of fresh air. Along with Line 2, which is also slated to open within the year, the new lines sport much more space underground, as well as central platforms, full-height screen doors, wider and longer trains, and for the first time in Tianjin, interchanges or transfers. Line 3 will connect to Line 1 at Yingkoudao station, but the major hub will be the Tianjin Railway Station, where connections to Lines 2 and 9, as well as regular rail and HSR services, will be available.

Finally, the new ticket machines for single journey tickets will see an improvement with Line 3. Bills and coins used will be “automatically recycled”, which means that there should be fewer cases where the machine runs out of money or accepts only bills or coins. While there is still some remnant Chinglish on the signs, the largely bilingual system also offers riders more local information in the immediate vicinity of the Metro stations.

Source: Tianjin North Web

By David Feng

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