Official Railway Station Names for Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Made Final

Beijing South Station Name

The Ministry of Railways announced in a 16 May 2011 Announcement Regarding Station Names on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway the official, final names of the new HSR line.

These are:

  • BEIJING SOUTH (北京南) — change to Beijing Metro Line 4
  • Langfang (廊坊)
  • Tianjin South (天津南)
  • Cangzhou West (沧州西)
  • Dezhou East (德州东)
  • Ji’nan West (济南西) — connections via Ji’nan to Qingdao
  • Taian (Shandong) (泰安)
  • Qufu East (曲阜东)
  • Tengzhou East (滕州东)
  • Zaozhuang (枣庄)
  • Xuzhou East (徐州东)
  • Suzhou (Jiangsu) East (宿州东)
  • Bengbu South (蚌埠南)
  • Dingyuan (定远)
  • Chuzhou (滁州)
  • Nanjing South (南京南) — connections to other destinations and change to Nanjing Metro Line 1 extension
  • Zhenjiang South (镇江南)
  • Danyang North (丹阳北)
  • Changzhou North (常州北)
  • Wuxi East (无锡东)
  • Suzhou North (苏州北)
  • Kunshan South (昆山南) — shared with Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity HSR
  • SHANGHAI HONGQIAO (上海虹桥) — connections to other rail and air destinations and change to Shanghai Metro Lines 2 and 10

This has also meant changes to existing station names:

  • What is now Langfang Railway Station (serving slower trains) will become the Langfang North Railway Station (廊坊北站)
  • The current Ji’nan West Railway Station will now be Jixi Railway Station (济西站)
  • The present-day Zaozhuang Railway Station on the classic Beijing-Shanghai Railway will be renamed as Zaozhuang West Railway Station (枣庄西站)
  • Chuzhou Railway Station (滁州站) as it is now will be renamed Chuzhou North Railway Station (滁州北站) instead
  • Finally, what is now Zhenjiang South (镇江南) station will in future be known as Zhenjiang East (镇江东).

The Tianjin terminus on the branch line will continue to be known as Tianjin West Railway Station (天津西站), and will connect to Tianjin Metro Line 1.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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